Craig Shoemaker is a stand-up comedian, actor, author, writer, producer,

healer and transformational leader. In a career that’s spanned over three

decades, the double Emmy Award winner has been named Funniest Male

Stand-Up Comic at The American Comedy Awards and has hosted a variety

of specials including The Lovemaster (all time Top 10 list on XM Radio as the

“Most Popular”).

Craig released a 90-minute SHOWTIME standup special, “ Daditude ” now

available on Netflix. His Comedy Central special was voted by viewers as one

of the “Top 20” of all time. His follow-up special “ Unzipped ” aired to mass

acclaim and the live CD was on the Billboard Top 20 for six weeks. Craig has

done standup sets and specials on every major network and performed for

crowds of 70,000. He’s even performed in front of four U.S. presidents ...

although First Lady Barbara Bush was not a big fan of The Lovemaster.

You may also recognize Craig from his multiple network TV/movie

appearances, including: Middle Man , MTV’s “ Awkward ”, Parks & Recreation,

The Late Show, The View, Comic Relief, The Bold & The Beautiful, Matlock,

Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Scream 2. Craig was a writer on the sitcom Fuller

House, and he wrote, produced and starred in Universal’s cult hit s “ Totally

Baked ,” and “ The LoveMaster .” As a voiceover artist, Craig’s dead-on

impression of Don Knotts and narration was featured in the film


But it’s Craig’s work as an intuitive connector, healer and transformational

leader that fuels him. He’s one of 100 members of the Association of

Transformational Leaders and walks his students through their own

transformative journeys through his Enlightened Up workshops. Craig also

founded, a nonprofit group dedicated to using laughter as

a healing modality. He has a doctorate honoris causa from California

University of Pennsylvania.

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