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Laughter REALLY IS the best Medicine!

-Lockdown got you down?
-Social distancing even from social media?
-When was the last time you really laughed out loud?

Learn the techniques to relieve stress,  boost your mood, and have an upbeat happier more joy filled life through the TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF LAUGHTER!

All within a safe non-judgmental group,  where you gain the keys to deepen or create authentic relationships and lasting bonds through the Enlightened UP online course!

This course is guided by Craig Shoemaker

A speaker, intuitive connector, healer and transformational leader with over three decades as a national award winning stand-up comedian, actor, author, writer, and producer.

He’s one of 100 members of the Association of Transformational Leaders and has been named Comedian of the Year at The American Comedy Awards, along with two Emmy awards.

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Over the years of my comedy career, you might think that I was just making people laugh for a paycheck.

​But I began a much deeper dive, studying the healing power of laughter, honing in on techniques that help ENLIGHTEN your load, to SHIFT out of negativity and into joy.


In order to use laughter as a pathway to enlightenment, one must also use it in conjunction with a deeper self-exploration.

That’s when laughter excavates the pain and negativity, uplifting you to the realm of solutions and transformation.
This is where I can help…


Throughout my career I’ve been secretly assisting people in personal transformation, overall wellness and even into loving relationships. 

I recently developed a brand-new online course that will walk you through a proven stride-by-stride system to unlock the hidden messages of LAUGHTER, where you can alchemize tragedy into comedy.

It’s called Enlightened Up! - Guiding you through the SHIFT. 

Getting well has never been this much fun!

- Craig Shoemaker

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Hi Craig. It has been such a pleasure to be part of your Enlighten Up group.  These Sunday meetings are a real mood boost and a reminder of what is important!  Laughing truly does work for what ails us all. Cheers!

Wow- really enjoyed the Enlightened UP small group just completed.  In Just 4 weeks I discovered that I laughed more, stressed less, and learned why laughter is so important to healing!  


 “Craig Shoemaker’s intuitive gift guided me to healing and discovery. Through our “Life Guidance” session Craig instantly felt my exhaustive energy. Through meditative silence he revealed the exact sources and has reframed my point of view.”


Thank you Craig Shoemaker and Mika L Shoemaker and everyone who took part in these past 4 weeks. I look forward to the  next class in October. Glad it will be on Sundays again as it is my only day off and I have looked forward to all of the positivity and friendliness of everyone in the group.